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Tattoo process

  1. Choose a design! 

    • You can choose from our website or from our shop. 
    • We can also do any design from the internet or any other picture if you email us or bring it with you. If you bring it in, you do not have to print it off, it is enought if you just copy it on a pendrive, but we do not suggest to bring it on your phone as we can not really see the details of an image on such a small display.
    • If you want a quote or letters, you can choose from here: tattoo quotes or find a font on and bring that with you.
    • If you would like a photo realistic tattoo (portrait, etc) please bring a good quality - professional photographer highly recommended - high resolution paper or digital photo.
    • If you choose anything else, please bring a good and large enought picture so we can see all the details.
  2. FAQ: 

    • What size of tattoo should I make? 
      You have to always choose the size of the tattoo depending on the detailness of the picture. If you want a very detailed image in a small size, it will not look good or it can not be tattooed. Our tattoo artists can help you choosing the right size. Many people would like sentences on their fingers and they wonder when we tell them it can only be tattooed 4-5 letters/finger.
    • Which design should I choose?
      It is recommended to choose a design in mind of to be easily continued in the future.
    • Can we do white tattoo?
      We could but we do not do only white tattoos because after a period of time some part will disappear and it does not looking good without any other color. Therefore we do not make only white tattoos, but we do use white tattoo ink to highlight other colors.
    • Cover up / Correction
      We do cover ups and correct your bad tattoos but we have to see the old tattoo before we can say anything about the possibilities. There are some don'ts and can'ts: we can't fade, we can't make it smaller and there is no skin color with which we can cover up the whole tattoo. It is necessary that the new tattoo should be bigger and darker than the old one. These are the best covering colors: black, gray, blue, purple and a mixture of these colors but it is alwyas depends on the actual tattoo to be covered. Therefore we can only give you an offer for your cover up personally, not on the phone and not even in email.
    • What style should I choose?
      This is no right answer to this, the best style is the one you like. If you would like to continue the tattoo later it is suggested to choose a similar style tattoo because two completely different style does not alwyas look good next to each other.
    • Is there any disappearing tattoo ink?
      There is no absorbed or disappearing tattoo. Unfortunately beauticians often do this so called "disappearing tattoo" which in fact does not completely disappearing but only a part. Therefore it will look very bad and you will want to cover up that which has some disadvantages (few color can be used, larger design has to be used etc).
    • How do we do pricing?
      The price always depends on the size, complexity, detailness and if many colors have to be used that can also make it more expensive. But if you want only 1-2 colors that will not make it more expensive. A 3D only black design can be much harder to do it than a simple colorful tattoo. There are some part of the body where the artist have to take brakes because of the pain so sometimes the location can also change the final tattoo price.
    • When don't do tattoos?
      If you are pregnant or ill we do not recommend tattooing. If you have skin disease always ask your dermatologist about having tattoo. If you are under 18 years your parent(s)/guardians have to be with you during the tattoo process and we ask both you and your parent(s)/guardians to show a passport or an ID card. Siblings, cousin, grandparents, your frind's parents etc not accepted even if they are over 18 years!
    • Is tattoo painful?
      The tattoo is always a little painful, but 99,9% of world population can deal with that if you think about the nice piece you will wear for a life. Some part of the body are more painful than others but this should not influence your decision as it only take minutes/hours but definitely not as long as you will have that tattoo. There are some things you can do to minimize tha pain: sleep well the night before, have a delicious breakfast/lunch, drink some sugar drink. Be sure to bring sugar drinks or chocolate for your appointment.
    • How long is the healing?
      An avarage heailng time is 2 weeks, but it can be a little shorter/longer depending on the size and detailness. During this period you have to follow the tattoo aftercare instructions.
    • Sterilization?
      We take serious actions to keep everything clean and sterilized so you can be rest assured of sterilization. We only use disposable needles in our shop.
    • Tattoo under 18 years?
      You can get a tattoo if you are over 16 years and your parent(s)/guardians are coming with you for the appointment. You and your parent(s) must bring a passport or ID card because we have to check the identity. Without a valid photo ID we can not make tattoo if you are under 18 years. You can read more about tattooing under 18 years.
  3. Ask for an offer! 

    • How can I ask for an offer?
      You can ask anything in our shop or you can email us but if you email, please send the exact size (centimeter) and the location together with the picture. You can also ask for an offer on any image on our website by clicking the 'Ask for an offer' button as shown on the picture. If you want to ask about your own drawing you can use the contact menu and upload the image and write a letter. 
  4. Book an appointment! 

    • How can I book an appointment? 
      After we gave an offer for you and discussed all the details you can pay the deposit personally in our shop or we will let you know by email how to bank transfer. More info on booking appointment.
  5. Take care! 

    • The tattoo is not done immediately after you are inked. The aftercare is as important as our artists professional work, because the tattoo will heal the best and cause the best result if you accurately follow our aftercare guideline.
  6. Share your opinion! 

    • Share your opinion about the service we gave. Contact us